Two male friends marry in Dublin to avoid paying inheritance tax


Two male friends have got married to avoid paying inheritance tax, it has been reported. 

Michael O’Sullivan, 58, and his best friend Matt Murphy, 85, tied the knot after they decided that Mr O’Sullivan should get Mr Murphy’s house in Dublin when he passes away. 

The pair have been friends for 30 years and Mr O’Sullivan has recently moved into Mr Murphy’s house to become his full-time carer.

The plan to get married apparently “came out of the blue” but they decided to go with it as it made financial sense. 

“I was homeless, sleeping in my car and Matt needed someone to move into his home and take care of him. He was losing his sight and needed a full-time carer. 

“He told me that he couldn’t afford to pay me but said that I could live with him and he would give me his house when he passed away as payment,” Mr O’Sullivan told

Mr O’Sullivan also acknowledged that if it was not for the “fantastic” work the LGBTQ community put into campaigning for same-sex marriage, he would not have been able to marry his friend.

“You know what? The LGBTQ community fought really hard for equality, fought against discrimination and in 2015 same-sex marriage was legalised and it was a wonderful moment, a great victory.

“But they didn’t just win the right to marriage for [romantic] same-sex marriages. They opened the door for everyone. It’s equality for all,” he added.

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